Running in 2015

Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas pengines


Less than 2 hours till Christmas Day and with nothing left to do for the rest of this Christmas Eve day has got me thinking of new year resolutions and fitness plan for 2015.

2015 is going to be a very exciting year; not only is it the big three-o, I should also successfully complete a diploma and it might also be the year I do my first marathon! I am still debating whether to take part in the first ever Bristol Bath Marathon 2015 which is due to take place in October. Is it too ambitious a target after only 6 months of running?

The thought of a marathon makes my heart pound, cause its unknown territory. I remember feeling like this when i thought about signing up to my first half marathon. Back then, it was slightly different as I was planning to run it with someone and we encouraged each other and carried out the training out together. This time I will be running it on my own. I’m slightly worried if I would be able to motivate myself to stick to a training schedule of running 4 times a week. Hmm… I still have time to decide yet.

In the mean time, I am signing up to 3 half marathons and some 10ks:

  • Stafford Half in March,
  • Bristol 10K in May,
  • Northampton Half 6th September,
  • Bristol Half 13th September

I have been looking up training plans for half marathons and marathons for beginners and intermediate runners. A lot of beginner to half/marathon plans are for 16 weeks or 20 weeks, from running 15mins/ 500m at the start and gradually building up to the distance / time appropriate to enable you to complete the distance of the race. What I have noticed is that in order to build up endurance and speed interval training, hill sprints, fratleks and cross training are required as well as running 3-4 times a week with a long distance run every week. Its all still very new to me, but I have got my background reading ready and a journal to help me track my progress.

Running Books and Journal

To help get myself back into regular running again, I am planning to go for some shorter runs every day of this festive period starting with a 3 mile tomorrow morning. Christmas Day run! Who would have thought!!


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